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Here to make you laugh.
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No turns over thorns
Of a broken moss rose brench
Rose red fallen apart the firts day 
Of december, i am liening in frozen moss
Cheaky like a fox on its runaway
In your mouth, my blood run in veins
In your mouth, in the dirt of a alfabet witch
Lies in fornuate tale of fatale
thorns, slowly turns the shadow away
Tear me apart once again, I don't care anymore
Of a girl's cheek, eyeshadow width
The burundy lies in the wine
Teared is my soul, it is old as gold
I rose up over the dust fine
In a fantasy dream, real world realm
Rose like a thousand phantom phoenixes
Scream and thunders of storms
Your lies, I change those for my asterixes
:iconikrines:IKrines 4 0
The Nursing Room by IKrines The Nursing Room :iconikrines:IKrines 6 4 Cow Yoga by IKrines Cow Yoga :iconikrines:IKrines 6 12
Stand Up For Me
There was a time I could go
There I would go
Anywere without a single fall
There was time of happiness
There was things I couldn't forget
Don't me let go alone
Again, I would fall
I fall into a pool
Of unsure and unknowns
Don't be a fool
I stand up for you
Stand up for me
Stand up for me
Please I need you
I don't want to be alone
I just don't to alone again
Stand up for me
Stand up for me
Stand, I need you
:iconikrines:IKrines 2 8
Flint by IKrines Flint :iconikrines:IKrines 4 2
Unfortunate Fairytale
Here I am
I am not going away
..Again, look what I am
Look at scars you all made me
You scared? Here I am
You can't make me
..Go again
You can look the other way
It doesn't make difference
of the past
Ignorrance of things
It happened,
What are you going to do?
Nothing, that is you do
I am happy, but
I don't let this go
Here are we
The kids, the misfits
..Again look at us
The outkast you hided away
Hidden from the world?
Or hide world for us.
Say that again
You can look the other way
It doesn't make difference
of the past
Ignorrance of things
It happened, 
What are you going do?
Nothing, that is you do
I am happy, but
I don't let this go
There was
So much pain, so little gain.
..Special Ed
Alone on a Wednesday
Scared, Screaming.
You can't undo that
..Was done
My scars was made of you,
when you failed that mission
to protect me
You send me to open sewer of hell
I am no longer sure of
I was fucked up before
or I became that.
I am happy now
But I don't this go
Because those scars
:iconikrines:IKrines 6 0
Jeg står som vidudskudt uhyre
Og kiggerudover makien
Høj sol og tør luft rammer mere
Mig i et vidtfremmede land
Elefanthud, stjerneskud og blå blink i baggrunden
Pinjebark and soltørrede buske
Bleg som en opdagelserejsende i istiden
Vidtfremmed i de fremmede lavendelmarker  
:iconikrines:IKrines 1 0
Tale of refugee
Old rock music
Like in the old days
From long lost Childhood
Make me seems, maybe days
Over a decade older than I am
Memories from an optional asylum
Spin the world around in a refugerium.
drop the hood, drop the phones,
I have to meet the world, dammn.
:iconikrines:IKrines 3 0
Liquid strawberry by IKrines Liquid strawberry :iconikrines:IKrines 7 12 Mute by IKrines Mute :iconikrines:IKrines 7 5 Henchman by IKrines Henchman :iconikrines:IKrines 4 0


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Advertisment by IKrines
Find the real thread ammoung the spam in Comics and Books-challenge.
I am tired of people taking offsite trouble to the forum, I have absolut no chance to navigate in those conflicts.
Time for a forum game!

You are now member of sect called Deviamoon and believes Deviantart and you are going to be doomed, if you don't marry and get some children fast.
However that is certain rules for marriage.:
Only two deviants per post, and one of them can't be yourself.
Also if you use a deviant that had ben mentoined before, you have to divorce them first, basically state why their former marriage didn't work out.
However if you are already "married" to Deviant, you can't divorce them by remarrying them to another Deviant.
I checked out what Facebook think I am interesting for and that was nothing. However I checked what they showed apps for and that was Alcohol, Parenthood and Pets. Let us say that they only got one of three right.
RIP orginal thread ideas.

But I don't have to explain this again, if you wonder this is aut, look at the title.
Today I rescued a young blackbird out of my Parent's kitchen.
Mine is ok.

Btw, I test what I can do and can't do.  Because I have a bug I can't reply to whatever you write or wrote on this user. I can't see notifications either, but feel to note me, because that works.
Not sure it is a bug or just slow speed connection, but I can't see my watches, feedback and comment on the forum? But I can post a Status Update?
Sounds easy don't it? Well, to make an extra diffucult you are only allowed to use a touchpad/touchscreen or a traditonal mouse.

I start:
<da:drawing id="5962913277395070" format="200H">
Yesterday I had a conversation with an older guy. I think he was either on drugs or drunk or bad hearing, because he keep asking about the weather are going to rain soon. I answered that I don't know, because I don't look on weather forecast, just out of the window.
Out off nowere he said: "Are you even Danish?"
I guess I have to question my ethnicity and nationality for now. Grump 

So post akward conversations.
A new year, new music. In my case it is actually incredibly easy to find music I like as my taste is about as broad as piece of Tapestry. But I want to force myself to reflect over that I am lisening to and not hear the same thing 100 times a day in a month. So I would try to find new music and hopefully new musicians, that is not currently on a hitlist.

Sløtface( actually pronunced slutface) caused me to be confused at first, because the aestic is feminist hipster, but underlying punk influence.
My hapiness was igger when they didn't really pretended to be egdy with having a guitar a few places as some socalled indie musicans do.
And I guess we all can relate to being a underdog, but Nancy Drew is the girl to change it.

I forgot I actually like The Damned, maybe because it was a band always were a sortoff background music to my life.
In car, my dad playing some CDs, listening at radio, Elevator music. It isn't really nostalgic because I never payed attention to it.
And I feel wrong to not pay attention, because I feel this song has taken a timemachine to 2018 from a 70's sci-fi movie, bt it has something modern over it as well.
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